Welcome to IYKYK Dating!

I’m coach Mel and I’m passionate about helping Christian Singles find the godly spouse of their dreams. I do this by connecting singles online through a free Facebook group (with over 6k people) and in-person mixer events. 

In addition, I am a dating coach and I help single Christian women who feel anxious around dating to feel confident in who God made them to be, step into their true femininity, and understand the complexities around how men view love and romance while also learning how to effectively communicate with them in a way that draws them in. 

Mel is a Christian Dating Coach who helps Christian women who struggle with feeling anxious when it comes to dating. She shows women how to find freedom from the grips of stress, nervousness and worry so they can feel reassurance and mental clarity...and confidently attract (and keep) the Godly man of their dreams! 

Mel offers 1:1 Coaching, Group Coaching Courses and Virtual Dating Workshops to help you transform your dating life and attract the godly spouse of your dreams.

Online Community happens through our FREE Facebook Community of over 5,000 single Christians from the USA, Canada and Missionaries overseas.

With thousands of people all over the globe interacting daily, it's almost guaranteed you'll meet your new crush in our group!

Spoiler alert, we've even had some engagements in our group!

Once you've started your healing journey and are connected to community you are ready to join us for an in-person mixer! 

Our mixers are intentionally designed to created a safe and empowering environment to practice all your new dating skills!

Bonus, they are SO FUN!