Beliefs & Practices

Stages of Dating

I believe there are 3 main "stages" of a relationship before marriage:

1 Dating
2 Relationship
3 Engaged

Goal of the "Dating Stage"

I believe the goal of the "dating" stage is to assess if you're interested in a committed, exclusive relationship with someone. I also suggest taking 60-90 days before deciding to become exclusively "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" to allow for thoughtful consideration and genuine connection to develop.


God created marriage intentionally and for our good. Therefore, I affirm the Biblical definition of marriage as the uniting of a man and a woman in covenant relationship for a lifetime. 


Sex within marriage is good. God created us as sexual beings and our sex drive is blessed. I believe ALL intimate sexual activity is exclusively to be a gift for the Biblical marriage relationship. 

Desire for Marriage

I believe our utmost desire in life should be to know God and all other desires should come secondary. That being said, I believe the desire for marriage is a good and Godly one. While the Bible doesn't guarantee marriage for everyone, I believe that most individuals who desire marriage and actively seek the Holy Spirit, guidance from a Godly community, and receive counsel from mentors, coaches, and/or therapists, are likely to find themselves married eventually.

Dating Multiple People

In the dating phase, I believe it's acceptable for individuals to explore connections with more than one person before becoming exclusive and committing to a relationship. However, maintaining honor and integrity is crucial. Clear communication and strict emotional, spiritual, and physical boundaries are essential, with honor being the top priority. This approach isn't for everyone and should be approached with guidance from the Holy Spirit and Godly community.

As a general observation, I advise men against dating multiple women simultaneously. Generally, it can be more challenging for a man to decide whom he wants to commit to if he's dating multiple women, unlike a woman dating multiple men. However, every individual is unique, so it's essential to understand oneself and tendencies before engaging in dating multiple people.

Dating a Non Believer

I advise against entering a relationship with or dating a nonbeliever. However, I don't believe it's necessary to know someone's religious beliefs before going on a date with them. You can discover this during the first date, and if they turn out not to be a believer, the date can provide an opportunity to share Jesus with them or maintain a friendship.


I don't adhere to the idea of a single "soulmate" destined for each person. Instead, I believe that someone becomes "the one" through the commitment made in the covenant of marriage. With the gift of free will, there are numerous compatible individuals we could potentially marry. It's through our choice to commit to one person for life that they become "the one" for us.

Online Dating

I believe that God can use online dating as a means to bring great people together. While some individuals may misuse online dating platforms, it doesn't reflect everyone on the apps. I see online dating as a valuable avenue for meeting potential partners and encourage its use.