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Do Life with Like - Minded Christian Singles

Giselle & Grant HERE

Kimberlina & Shannon HERE

Chelsea & Austin
Austin and I met through this group (ladies, I messaged him first!) on September 17, 2022. I‘m so excited to announce that on our 6 month anniversary, March 17th, he asked me to be his wife. 

Ray & Dawn
I posted an intro in January this year and I had no idea that the love of my life liked my post. Funny enough, I wouldn’t meet Dawn Hebeler through this group but rather Upward. Still, when we matched on that app, she mentioned she read my post and found all my likes and the qualities that she sensed in me to be just what she’d been searching for in a man. Dawn would in turn be everything and more that I was looking for in a woman. 

Cara & Gary
I posted an intro here in October 2022, attempting to “get back out there” after a nasty break-up. Gary messaged me, but I realized I really wasn’t ready to get to know anyone yet, and I turned him down. He messaged me in January to shoot his shot again and we started getting to know each other. After a month and a couple of dates, he asked if I wanted to be in an exclusive relationship—I panicked and said no, not yet! 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 I wanted a little more time to keep getting to know him. He asked again after another month and a couple more dates, and I said yes. Last Saturday, he asked if I would be his wife and I said yes without reservation! (Well, I said yes after asking him ARE YOU SURE about ten times 😂) 

Karrah & Nick
We got engaged after a year of dating! We met on this page, and are so so blessed to experience the good that can come from online dating.