Hey, I'm Coach Mel!

I'm SO glad you're here! Welcome to IYKYK Christian Dating!

What started as hosting speed dating events and mixers for Christian Singles has turned into much more than that! It's my passion to help Christian Singles find the godly spouse of their dreams. And that all starts with becoming healthy and learning practical dating skills.

I get it, it's rough out here, but guess what? It doesn't have to be so bad!!

I was once the girl who would overthink EVERYTHING! I would attach too soon in dating and I would get caught up in fantasy land only to have my heart crushed over, and over and over.

It wasn't until I began to take my healing journey seriously and got a dating coach of my own that I began to see progress. I learned to connect with not only romantic interests, but friends and community in a healthy and fulfilling way.

It’s because of my story of transformation that I am SO passionate about being a dating coach! There is no other place in life that our traumas from childhood will show up more than in our intimate relationships! It is my mission in life to help Single Christians experience the same confidence, success & freedom that I have found in dating!

And I believe the same is possible for you!

Speaking Engagements

SINGULAR PURPOSE CONFERENCE April 6, 2024 Speaker New Heights Bentonville Church
THE WAITING AND DATING COHORT February 6, 2024 Guest Teacher Session 3, Moral Revolution
CHRISTIAN'S AMONG ROMANS CONFERENCE November 4, 2023 Speaker Christian's Among Romans

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