Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Fruit Have You Seen From These Events?

From our observation, singles within the church often experience feelings of loneliness, particularly as many of their peers have moved into the stage of marriage and starting families. While the value of community remains undeniable and transcends life stages, there's an inherent sense of isolation when you find yourself among few others in your age group who are also single. The significance of having fellow believers to relate to and share community with becomes especially apparent during periods of singleness.

We've discovered that organizing events tailored for singles not only offers opportunities to potentially find romantic partners but also fosters the development of meaningful, godly relationships within one's own city. It's been inspiring to witness numerous romantic connections and even marriages emerge from these gatherings.

By creating spaces where singles can connect, we aim to address the sense of disconnect and provide avenues for building supportive relationships that align with kingdom principles. These mixers serve as more than just opportunities for romantic pursuits; they're platforms for fostering genuine connections and strengthening the fabric of the church community.

What Is The Age Range?

While we're eager to host mixers across various age ranges, we've noticed the highest demand among individuals in their 20s and 30s. Our events cater to this demographic, typically targeting ages ranging from around 23 to 39. By focusing on this specific age group, we aim to create an inclusive environment where young adults can connect, share experiences, and potentially form meaningful relationships.

What Can Attendees Expect?

Attendees can anticipate an incredible time and the opportunity to connect with numerous individuals who share the same life stage and single status. Our events typically accommodate up to 75 single Christian men and 75 single Christian women, ensuring ample opportunities to leave with a handful of new friends and perhaps even a romantic interest. Additionally, guests can look forward to engaging in various games throughout the night designed to encourage interaction and mingling among everyone present.

Will There Be Food Or Drinks?

Yep! We provide light refreshments and a charcuterie board to graze

Do Atendees Need To Bring Anything?

Both men and women are encouraged to bring three sticky notes, each featuring an open-ended question, for an engaging game during the event.

In addition to the sticky notes, men are requested to prepare 5-10 "flirty business cards." These cards, whether on sticky notes or cut 3x5 index cards, should include their name, phone number, and social media handles (or email if social media isn't applicable). Termed as "flirty business cards," men are informed that these cards serve as a means to express interest in seeing someone again. The men are encouraged to ask a woman they are conversing with if they can offer one of their cards, expressing their desire to meet again.

This approach is designed to inspire men to take a proactive step and be open about their interest. Simultaneously, women are empowered to respond authentically. They are encouraged to either accept the cards or kindly express their preference to remain friends. The emphasis is on fostering a culture of honor and respect, with a clear communication of feelings. To facilitate this, all attendees receive scripts via email, guiding them on how to gracefully communicate changes in interest. To further promote transparency and minimize potential hurt feelings, a “48-Hour Policy” is in place.

What's the 48-Hour Policy?

The ticket explicitly outlines our 48-Hour Policy regarding the exchange of "flirty business cards." When a man gives a woman his card and she accepts it, she is expected to make contact within 48 hours. Conversely, if a man distributes his card, he must respond within the same timeframe when the woman reaches out.

We view IYKYK Dating as an opportunity for personal growth, particularly in the realms of communication and integrity. Our aim is for individuals' external actions to align with their internal values. We believe in the importance of honoring commitments, ensuring that our yes means yes and our no means no.

Is There A Dress Code?

Nope! You can wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable and confident!

How Do You Vet People?

From our experience of running dozens of mixers, the majority of attendees at our events are sincere Christians who are looking for partners who share their faith. We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of our gatherings, and we have implemented several vetting methods to ensure that. One way we do this is by openly communicating our Biblical values in our marketing efforts. By being transparent about our beliefs and expectations, we attract individuals who are genuinely interested in pursuing meaningful relationships based on those values. Additionally, we have a ticket price structure in place that acts as a deterrent to those who are seeking casual encounters. This helps create an environment where participants are more likely to be genuinely committed to the pursuit of long-term, faith-based relationships.

It's important to acknowledge that thoroughly vetting every individual who attends our events is not practical. Instead, we believe in empowering adult men and women to exercise their own discernment. The Bible itself emphasizes the importance of personal discernment in navigating relationships and warns against false prophets and deceitful individuals. To support individuals in developing these discernment skills, we provide education and guidance. Our founder, Mel, offers coaching to help participants safely evaluate potential partners. This way, individuals can make informed decisions about who they choose to pursue relationships with. We understand that church leaders have a responsibility to guide and protect their congregants. However, it's important to strike a balance between safeguarding individuals and providing opportunities for them to explore and develop meaningful connections. Marriage is a deep-seated desire for many singles within our congregations, and we believe it's essential to create avenues for them to pursue companionship and growth.

Where Have you Hosted Events?

Beginning in 2021, we've hosted dozens of these events in the following locations:

San Diego
Orange County
Los Angeles
San Jose